Become A Member

Well done for considering joining the Poole Pottery Collectors Club! A very warm welcome to you and we hope to find you part of our club in no time.

The Poole Pottery Collectors Club is for anyone interested in Poole Pottery. You are welcome whether you are already an avid collector or just starting out and exploring the wonders it has to offer. Joining our club has many wonderful benefits and our fees are very affordable. Once you become a member, you receive a guide to the Poole Pottery collections, an original pottery piece, and a welcome letter.

Other benefits include:

• Access to our online reference library with marks, monograms, pattern codes, articles, and much more.
• Collectors magazines.
• Access to a members-only forum where you can ask any questions and share opinions and insights.
• Updates on new developments, news, new collections, etc.
• Purchase opportunities that you can find elsewhere.
• Free pottery collectibles annually.
• Discount at Poole Studio for any items purchased.

Our members only forum is a wonderful space for communication and making connections. We have people from all over the world in the club and it makes for a wonderful mix.

Membership fees are:

Online membership – for a 1-year subscription
UK membership – $40 for a 1-year subscription
Poole Residents Club (Physical club in Poole) – $30 for a 1-year subscription
Poole Pottery artists, designers, studio owners – $30 for a 1-year subscription
Payments should be made in full with membership application.