About Us

Welcome to the Poole Pottery Collectors Club. We are delighted to have you visit our site. This site has made connecting with other pottery collectors and like-minded individuals so much easier than it was when this club started. We are a club focused on the collectibles known as Poole Pottery. We share collections, information, new findings, and many different tips related to Poole Pottery and pottery in general.

We are a club that consists of quite a few members. The club has grown immensely in the last few years and we are truly blessed to have so many wonderful collectors as part of our club. Our members are insightful, well-educated in general and on Poole Pottery, and they are all great conversationalists and collectors.

Poole Pottery Collectors Club warmly invites anyone interested in Poole Pottery and finding out more. We love welcoming new members that we can learn new things from. You don’t need to have a lot of knowledge if you just started with Poole Pottery as we will educate you and teach you all we know. When you join the club, you receive a guide and access to a forum where you can ask questions, give opinions, and learn many things.

The Poole Pottery Collectors Club invites you to embark on a new journey by joining this wonderful club!