5 Tips for Vintage Pottery Collectors

As a collector, I am sure that you have an eye for your art. You know what to look for and you know which marks and stamps are legitimate. However, there are some copycat artists whose work can fool even the most well-practiced eye. Buying a piece of vintage pottery only to find out after that it is not an original, can be devastating. To help you avoid this disappointment, follow these simple tips.

1. Buy a Poole Pottery Collectors Guide

The Poole Pottery Collectors Guide will tell you everything you want to know about these collectibles. It offers examples, pictures, information about artists, and the marks that signify original Poole pottery art.

2. Look at the facts

Poole Pottery is easily distinguishable by the artists’ signatures and marks at the bottom of the piece. Study it closely and compare it to the marks that you know to be original. Make sure you know the marks well or carry a reference source with you when shopping for vintage pieces.

3. Join a club or forum

Clubs and forums have expert members that will help point you in the right direction when it comes to shops and pottery dealers. The experts know where to find original works and which places to avoid.

4. Make contact with dealers

If you are looking for a specific piece or pieces, you should make contact with a trusted dealer as soon as possible. The experts would have pointed you in the right direction, but now you need to secure what you want. If a specific dealer does not have the piece you are looking for, they might know or be able to find out where you could find it.

5. Visit auctions and antique shows

Many auction houses have valuable pottery collectibles in their auction collections. You can find out what they have in their collections and whether they have certificates of authenticity. You may be surprised how often you can find a real Poole Pottery piece at auctions and antique shows. Many people have no idea what they are giving away or selling.

If you follow these tips, you should hardly ever find yourself buying copies or fakes of Poole Pottery vintage items.

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